Athletic Director, Freddie Cruz
(509) 547-7261, ext. 209

The Athletic Program

One of the primary goals of the athletic program at Saint Patrick School is the development of the student, both in mind and body adhering to Christian principles in its entirety.  The formation of healthy student attitudes is dependent upon the model displayed by the adults responsible for program direction and supervision.  The ethics and sportsmanship of the players, coaches, and other associated participants with the game must be exemplary and beyond reproach.  Everyone participating must conduct himself/herself so that he/she is a credit to the sport and to Saint Patrick School.

The current athletic program offers, CoEd Soccer, Girls Volleyball, Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Boys Baseball, and Girls Softball.



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Sport Schedules:

  • CoEd Soccer Fall
  • Girls Volleyball Fall
  • Boys Basketball Winter
  • Girls Basketball Winter
  • Boys Baseball Spring
  • Girls Softball Spring

Saint Patrick School Academic Policy: Regarding Participation in Athletics

Participating in an athletic/extra-curricular activity for Saint Patrick School is considered a privilege for every student and requires that students meet all eligibility requirements throughout the season and positively represent the school that supports their participation. Students of Saint Patrick School participating in any athletic program must meet teachers expectations and maintain an overall C grade average with no D’s or F’s.  Teachers will notify the Athletic Director if a student is not meeting expectations or is academically unsuccessful. The Athletic Director will inform the respective coaches of the player’s ineligibility until expectations are met and/or academically successful grades are reported as passing. An exception may be granted only by a full review by the Principal, Teacher, and Athletic Director.
Saint Patrick School encourages all 6th – 8th graders to participate (5th grade students may be given the opportunity to participate in select sports).


If a student is unable to attend scheduled practices, meetings, or games, the coach or Athletic Director must be made aware of this prior to the scheduled event whenever possible.   A student must be in attendance at school on the day of a game or practice to participate in that game or practice. If a student will be absent for an extended length of time, a week’s notification for the coach is recommended. Once a season begins, the team, coach, and school depend on each person to maintain their commitment to the sport. Should a student/parent wish to terminate his/her affiliation with a sport, a conference will be held with the student, coach, parents, and Athletic Director for verification.

Physical Examinations

State Policy requires that each student participating in the athletic program must have a valid physical examination on a bi-annual basis.  Proof of this physical with a doctor’s signature must be on file with the Athletic Director prior to the beginning of the season.

Parental Permission

Athletic Director must have on file all authorization forms signed by the parents of the student who is participating in the athletic program prior to the beginning of the sport practice season.  There is one packet of authorization papers per sport.

Student and Parent Conduct

Saint Patrick School students participating in athletics must demonstrate appropriate Christian conduct based on respect, self control, appropriate language, and care of property. All students participating in athletics representing Saint Patrick School must recognize that their sportsmanship, Christian actions, and language are reflective of Saint Patrick School and Community. Students/Parents displaying actions contrary to the highest sportsmanship, valued Christian actions, or acceptable language will be barred from attending Saint Patrick School athletics until a review by the Principal and Athletic Director is completed. Further participation guidelines will be set for each individual incident.

Uniforms, Equipment and Fees

Saint Patrick School furnishes all uniforms for boys and girls athletics sponsored by the school, friends or an entity.  The student-athlete is responsible for the proper care and maintenance of each uniform checked out to them during the sport season. Students are liable for the loss of equipment due to misuse and/or negligence. Athletic uniforms will be worn for games only.
A Sports Participation Fee is assessed prior to the first practice for each sport.  This money is used to help defray the cost of hiring officials, purchasing equipment, paying coaches, etc.