Admission at St. Patrick School is open to every student regardless of religion, sex, race, or financial situation. The basic steps for admission to St. Patrick School for new families are as follows:

  • Parent/Pastor/Principal personal interview
  • Complete and return the application paperwork along with prior school transcripts
  • Set appointment for student assessment
  • Recommendation of student placement will be sent to families in writing.
  • Parents/Principal meeting to sign admission paperwork including commitment contract and financial agreement.

No parish family will be refused admission or re-admission to St. Patrick Catholic School because of inability to pay. The Principal and the Pastor must approve partial tuition assistance. St. Patrick Catholic School reserves the right to refuse admission or re-admission to families for serious reasons.

Re-admission of students each year is not automatic but the invitation is extended to all those who are progressing in the school program, do not have excessive attendance or lateness to school, and whose parents have complied with school policies in a positive manner, participated in faithful stewardship of the school, and have completed their financial responsibilities to the school.

Kindergarten Readiness Policy

Washington State Law requires that children must be five years of age by August 31st to enroll in Kindergarten. Here are five primary components to help you know if your child is ready for Kindergarten:

  • Physical well-being and social development
  • Social and emotional development
  • Approaches to learning
  • Language development
  • Cognition and general knowledge

On occasion we have parents who feel their child is ready to start Kindergarten before their fifth birthday due to where their birthday falls. A request to admit a student before their 5th birthday requirement will be considered only if there are openings available. Should there be openings; the following requirements must be completed:

  • You may request an early admittance for a student who if not five years of age by August 31st, but they must be five before October 1st
  • You have your child assessed by a qualified and recognized private source (the child’s pediatrician is not sufficient)
  • You submit written evaluations from the child’s preschool teacher
  • You bring your child in for a pre-evaluation to be conducted by our kindergarten teacher and monitored and observed by Principal, and Child Care Director or Montessori Director.

Upon submission of the required evaluations, a decision by the Principal and kindergarten teacher will be made. The school reserves the right to refuse admission based upon our professional evaluation that the child is not ready for Kindergarten.

Saint Patrick School strongly discourages early admittance. Developmental studies demonstrate that a later maturation date far outweighs an early entrance. Students being considered for early entrance should exhibit high academic skills and have strong social skills appropriate to a kindergarten community of learners.