Employment at St. Patrick Catholic Parish-Pasco

We require all applicants to fill out and submit the general application form to the parish office for consideration.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the parish office at:
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Parish Finance Officer | Un Ecónomo para la parroquia
A Steward to Oversee the donations and resources dedicated to our parish Mission.

St Patrick Catholic Church, Pasco WA

Finance Officer
Accountable to: Pastor
Position: Full-time, Exempt

Purpose & Vision Parish Finance Officer:
Oversee daily operations, the completion of duties, tasks or responsibilities required by civil and canon law for the financial, physical and personnel resources of the parish staff, school and Children’s Center. The Finance Officer understands and is committed to the mission of the parish and is entrusted with management of the financial, physical and personnel resources of the parish. He/she shall carry out his/her responsibilities under the direction of the Pastor, in collaboration with parish finance councils in a manner that reflects and applies Catholic ethical and moral standards and civil requirements, maintains confidentiality in all areas of responsibilities and will continue professional and personal spiritual development.

A. Areas of Responsibility:
  1. Communication with Pastor
  2. Administration of Financial Resources
      2.5 M combined budgets
  3. Administration of Physical Resources
      12 acres, 65,000 square ft
  4. Administration of Personnel Resources
      Under 45 employees
  5. Office Management
      Parish, school and Children’s Center offices

1. Pastor
  1.1. Meet regularly the Pastor to report on areas of responsibility.
  1.2. Provide the Pastor with necessary documentation, background information and options for actions for personnel, especially those involving civil law and employee rights, benefits and safety.
  1.3. Provide the Pastor with necessary documentation, background information and options for maintenance and development of facilities especially those involving codes and laws.
  1.4. Obtain Pastor’s approval before final decision to hire, or terminate employees and final decision for design plans for facilities or changes in design plans.

2. Administration of Financial Resources
  2.1. Oversee (review reporting, establish protocols) preparation of the annual budgets for each entity and present to the Pastor and Finance Council for review and approval.
  2.2. Oversee the system for financial data utilizing accepted accounting principles to accurately record and reflect all financial transactions for each parish entity in accordance with applicable state and federal laws, Diocesan directives, Directives of the Pastor and Finance Council.
  2.3. Supervise hiring process and oversee training and supervision of accounting support personnel
  2.4. Develop volunteers to assist in all areas of parish finances.
  2.5. Oversee the completion of the duties of staff and volunteers who maintain the system for financial data for the parish office, school and Children’s Center.
  2.6. Oversee all functions of salary and wage administration by the diocesan payroll system
  2.7. Manage income and expenditures to ensure an adequate cash position and to meet budget requirements. Clearly define purchasing and payment schedules and ensure timely payments.
  2.8. Oversee staff and volunteers for the weekly collection count and deposit and special collections of the diocese, US bishop’s conference and Holy See.
  2.9. Ensure that the reconciliation of bank statements is performed on a monthly basis.
  2.10. Oversee financial reporting for parish organizations and associations which use the parish tax number and report charitable contributions. Provide pertinent financial reports to parish organizations and associations when requested and approved by the Pastor.
  2.11. Oversee preparation of monthly, quarterly, and year-end reports reflecting the financial status of the Parish, School and Children’s Center to be presentated to the Pastor, Principal, Children’s Center Director, Finance Council and SAC (School Advisory Board) and diocese.
  2.12. Attend monthly Finance and Facilities meetings and SAC meetings quarterly.
  2.13. Oversee preparation of accurate annual statement of contributions and mail to contributors at year-end.
  2.14. Serve as the parish contact for business operations with financial institutions and diocesan offices.
  2.15. Oversee administration of contracts and other purchasing transactions to ensure goods and services of the highest value are received and ensure that all purchasing transactions meet legal, ethical, and moral standards.
  2.16. Manage parish debts to ensure that the lowest borrowing costs are obtained.
  2.17. Review for approval by finance council and pastor, all long-term contracts which may overlap multiple fiscal years or ministry budgets, following with diocesan guidelines to ensure contracts are properly executed.
  2.18 Assure designated funds are tracked throughout budget years until spent.

3. Administration of Physical Resources:
  3.1. Direct hiring process and supervise Facilities Manager
  3.2. Oversee hiring and supervision of custodial personnel.
  3.3. Develop with the Facilities Committee and carry out a Facilities Repair and Improvement Plan to assure facilities are in good repair and effectively utilized.
  3.4. Oversee an effective schedule for use, setup by maintenance staff, cleaning, compliance with policies for use by those responsible for events in the church, hall and gym for parish events including weddings, funerals, parish-wide celebrations, and events of groups and associations within the parish.
  3.5. Oversee insurance coverage and administrate claims when necessary.
  3.6. Oversee reports of theft or vandalism with local authorities and the Risk Management Office when necessary.
  3.7. Oversee inspection by licensors and required by law for buildings, grounds and facilities
  3.8. Develop resource list and oversee volunteers for facilities management
  3.9. Oversee facilities improvement projects in coordination with Facilities Committee, Facilities Manager, Parish Volunteer Project Managers.
  3.10. Oversee maintenance of keys, combinations, security codes
  3.11. Oversee establishment, protocols for adding events and updating of the yearly parish calendar for events and use of facilities
  3.12. Establish protocols for parish groups and associations, for scheduling facilities, requirements for use, report of damage or need for repair.
  3.13 Liaison with School District and City for events that use of parish property or impact access to parish property
  3.14. Assure diocesan requirements for insurance for special events at parish facilities and verify that necessary permits are acquired.
  3.15. Assure safety and appropriate use of parish facilities for special events by collaboration with planning leadership.
  3.16. Arrange for security personnel when necessary for events
  3.17. Arrange for the purchase, lease or sale of office equipment, capital equipment

4. Administration of Personnel:
  4.1. Develop goals and strategies to assure and develop a safe, productive and pleasant environment for collaboration, cooperation and quality performance strategies.
  4.2. For each position assure there is a ministry/job description on file.
  4.3. Prepare advertisements including the qualifications and requirements for vacant job positions as directed by the Pastor.
  4.4. Oversee a hiring process for the parish, school and Children’s Center that meets state and federal laws as well as diocesan and Pastoral directives.
  4.6. Participate in the interviewing and hiring process of all employees for each entity to ensure that each understands and agrees to perform the duties as outlined in his/her job description.
  4.7. Establish and oversee a process for the probationary period for each new hire and yearly evaluations for all employees.
  4.8. Facilitate effective communication within and between entities to inform and seek feedback regarding relevant issues as they arise.
  4.9. Meet with and carry out yearly evaluations with clerical and maintenance staff for each entity to determine resources and materials needed to fully meet their job expectations.
  4.10. Ensure that supervisors complete performance evaluations once each year at a minimum.
  4.11. Maintain performance evaluation system for all personnel.
  4.12. File all revisions to job descriptions and performance evaluations in the personnel record.
  4.13. Develop and implement strategies to encourage, coach, counsel and support personnel toward achieving excellence in job performance.
  4.14. Oversee compensation, employee benefits and develop recognition systems to appropriately reward personnel job performance.
  4.15. Supervise the Parish Secretary/Receptionist, clerical aides, accounting support
  4.16. Oversee the supervision of the maintenance staff
  4.17. Identify education and training opportunities for the development and growth of parish clerical and maintenance staff.
  4.18. Assure safe environment policy and maintenance of records for safe environment for all employees and required volunteers.
  4.19. Maintain personnel records in accordance with state and federal laws and diocesan directives. 4.20. Remain up to date with changes in these laws and directives and recommend changes to parish policy as necessary to comply.
  4.21. Collaborate with the Pastor and/or diocesan legal counsel to address any legal matters that arise or that is likely to arise from personnel issues.

5. Office Management
  5.1. Oversee the management of documentation, retrieval and security of the financial and sacramental records of the parish.
  5.2. Oversee all aspects of insurance coverage for the parish.
  5.3. Oversee and maintain procedures for acquiring, using, maintaining and storing office supplies, and equipment.
  5.4. Technology Management
      5.4.1. Oversee the development, implementation, use and security of technology within the parish operations.
      5.4.2. Oversee and maintain procedures according to diocesan Social Media Policy for all areas of communications (website, newspaper, Facebook, Twitter, etc. …)
      5.4.3. Responsible for hiring and supervision of parish tech staff
      5.4.4. Recruits and collaborates with parish Tech Committee
      5.4.5. Oversees assessment of parish technology, hardware and software, information and telecommunications.
      5.4.6. Oversees the selection, implementation, maintenance, staff training, and effective and appropriate use of all parish systems, including PDS (Pastoral Data System), parish website, social media accounts and sites, office communications operating systems and networks.
      5.4.7. Oversee current patches and software upgrades are consistently maintained, and appropriate systems, data redundancy and cybersecurity protocols are in place.
  5.5. Coordinate communications with other parishes in the region and diocese concerning areas of responsibility.
  5.6. Attend Diocesan meetings to represent the parish and the Pastor related to employment, insurance, safe environment, yearly collections.
  5.7. Oversee development and maintenance of yearly parish calendar and scheduling of facilities by staff and parish groups.
  5. 8. Oversee communication by website, bulletin, live streaming, radio, communication committee

B. Qualifications
  1. Four year business experience with a preference for a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Finance, Business Administration or a related field OR a minimum of four years business experience
  2. A minimum of four years of finance management experience
  3. A minimum of two years of personnel management experience
  4. Working knowledge of accounting software and standard accounting principles
  5. Demonstrated leadership and effective interpersonal communication skills
  6. Ability to prioritize work assignments for self and others
  7. Flexibility to adjust to changes in schedules, routines and job assignments.

C. Expected Qualities
  1. A Catholic, living in full Communion with the Church and willingness to be an active member of St Patrick parish community.
  2. Commitment to the mission of the parish and diocese.
  3. Demonstrated ability to recognize and honor diversity within parish community.
  4. Successful ability to supervise employees and volunteers.
  5. Ability to work flexible hours, including some nights and weekends.
  6. Ability to maintain confidentiality.
  7. Valid Washington driver’s license and legal, operational vehicle to fulfill responsibilities that are outside of the church campus.

Applicants who are interested in applying please send resume and application by email to Father Bob Turner at rturner@stpatspasco.org and Raquel Murillo at rmurillo@stpatspasco.org. Applicants will be referred to TellMyWholeStory for further questions as part of the process.  Position will be opened until filled.