Act of Entrustment

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Please pray with me today this Act of Entrustment to Our Lady of Guadalupe. Under her powerful guidance and protection may we be the protagonists of the New Evangelization in our families, our community, and our world.

Act of Entrustment to Our Lady of Guadalupe
December 12, 2012

God of power and mercy, You entrusted your Son Jesus into the hands of the Blessed Virgin Mary to comfort, to teach, and to guide him as “He grew in age and grace.” You blessed the Americas at Tepeyac with the presence of the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe. Now bless our parish of St. Patrick again with her presence, as we entrust ourselves into her hands to comfort, teach, and guide us to you.

O Most Holy Virgin Mary, we salute you as our Mother and our Queen. Patroness of the Americas and Star of the New Evangelization, we entrust ourselves willingly into your hands. From you the Word Incarnate took flesh. From you, He learned the ways of living in this “vale of tears.” He was formed by you in the home of Nazareth, the first and best “domestic Church.”

O Mary, Mother of the Church, make of our parish a monstrance, a visible place of the Body of Christ, the Church—this immense people whom you love—so that we may continually come home to rest, to be refreshed and to pray with you to your Son.

O Mary, Refuge of Sinners, make of our parish, in the words of Blessed John XXIII, “the village fountain to which each person can come to drink,” so that all those who enter our parish church feel at home. Make of our parish a place of true hospitality and dialogue, where everyone is welcomed in truth, and no one remains a stranger.

O Mary, Mother of the New Advent, make of our parish a family where each of the baptized finds his place in the Body and grows to his full missionary stature, proclaiming the Word Incarnate through a life of joy and forgiveness.

O Mary, Queen of Peace, make of our parish a school of communion. Teach us to abandon our violent and selfish instincts, so that in our prayer and in the liturgy we may encounter the Peace Who is your Son. Mother of Unity, teach us to radiate the light of that Peace with all we meet, and thus become agents of reconciliation.

O Mary, Seat of Wisdom, make of our parish a seat of learning and catechesis for everyone, where all true expressions of the faith have a right to exist. Make of our parish a hospital for all life’s wounded, where all the resources of your Son’s mercy may be revealed, celebrated, and applied. Mother of Mercy, make of our parish a school of compassion for each person in every stage of life, from conception until natural death.

O Mary, Mother of God, make of our parish another Christmas crib, where all poor of the world will be able to find their place. Remind us, by their presence, that Jesus is Himself “the Poor One” who asks for our love. Teach us to love Him in the poorest of the poor.

O Immaculate Heart of Mary, model our parish after your heart, open to everything that God wants to do through you, with you, and in you, in union with the Word Incarnate who dwells within. Help us to hear the call of the Father, and to respond as you did. Help us to say “yes” to the Father’s will, so that we may live this encounter with your Son Jesus, and thus spread the Good News in every sector of our society.

O Mary, Star of Hope, we entrust ourselves to you! Guide us to your Son! Help us encounter Him in all the mystery of His Humanity and Divinity. Help us to live that encounter so completely that all may see that the favors of the Lord are not spent, that the wonders God has done in every age are renewed in our own age in the Church, in your sons and daughters, so that all may know that your Son, Jesus, is the Christ. Amen.

—Adapted from “A Priest’s Prayer for His Parish” by Père Philippe Perdrix, current Curé of Ars, and the Collect for the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

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